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Do you put off seeing your doctor when you really need to or skip well-visits altogether? If you do, you are not alone. Many of us hate going to the doctor regularly and not because we don’t trust the physician. It’s more probable that the doctor has something to say that we don’t want to hear.

It’s likely that your doctor is someone you respect immensely. You’ve spent several visits with your primary care provider – you getting to know their bedside manner while they learn all about your medical history and more. So when your doctor, holding your recent test results, turns to you with a look of concern and asks you about your diet and exercise habits, it can be uncomfortable if you haven’t been doing so well in those areas.

Then the list begins. The doctor wants you to give up this and that … no carbs, no sugar, time to hit the treadmill and dust off those hand weights. Either you start daydreaming about the restaurant you will hit for lunch on the way home or you become motivated to change … often dropping the ball after day 2 of your new diet and exercise routine.

Healthy Living with Conroe Willis Family MedicineMany patients even let it go in one ear and out the other, thinking “I’m fine … it’s really not that out of hand. I won’t have a heart attack or anything. Just give me my test results and new medication and I will be on my way. And I think I will fry a chicken for dinner tonight.” It can be much easier to ignore what’s going on and take the pills instead of counting calories, prepping meals, and making time to fit in your workouts.

And you have to wonder … what are the doctors and nurses doing to eat well and exercise? Do they practice what they preach? What if you could see behind the scenes to get a sneak peek at the office on lunch hour? At Conroe Willis Family Medicine, we do practice what we preach! And we are on this journey of healthy living together.

Healthy Living with Conroe Willis Family MedicineYou can Join Our Healthy Living Journey Too!

Each week, we would like to share with you a preview of the heart healthy meals that we eat and exercises we do to keep ourselves in good shape. We would also like to extend a challenge to you to take our recipes and exercises and try them at home. We would love to hear your feedback. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and tag us in your pics (#cwfmhealthyliving.) Let’s all be healthy together!

Working out can be fun, check out the fun we have at Conroe-Willis Family Medicine.

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