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Far fewer men than women go to the doctor for annual wellness exams. Many men feel they don’t need to go to the doctor unless they are sick. The fact is, however, women generally live longer than men. Even so, you may feel you have been not going to the doctor for very long time and you’ve been fine. Why, then, should you go to the doctor each year even when you’re not sick?

5 Compelling Reasons to Get Your Annual Examination

Your annual exam is an opportunity for the doctor to give you another clean bill of health or to identify developing health problems and raise flags of alarm. It is vital to men’s health, quality of life, and longevity. Consider the following 5 reasons you should get your annual exam each year.

1) Preventive Care

Preventing sickness and disease is always better than treatment. Your annual exam will include preventive screenings and tests which will allow your primary care physician to catch health problems and chronic disease early on. This is vital to achieving the most successful treatment possible.It’s also key to a long and healthy life.

2) Monitor Health

Your annual checkup also gives your doctor an opportunity to monitor your health. Over the years, your doctor will be able to track your health and understand your personal medical needs, strengths, and challenges. This insight will prove invaluable in making healthy choices about personal lifestyle and diet.

3) Access to Information

Your doctor will also serve as an important source of information to you as the years go by. You will be able to ask questions, seek advice, and gain insight into your health and body.

4) Identify Risk Factors

Your physician will also be able to identify risk factors that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Some risk factors can go unnoticed for years before making a noticeable appearance. In many cases, hidden risks that become noticeable may already be in advanced stages of disease or illness. Your annual exam prevents this from happening.

5) Plan for Better Health

As they say, failure to plan is planning to fail. Nowhere is this truer than with your health. Your doctor will work with you to create a diet and exercise plan suitable to your health needs, goals, and schedule. Your annual exam also allows for accountability.

Your Health is Worth It

For you and all those who you love, give yourself the best chance to live as long and healthy as you can. Choose a healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet and exercise plan. Make annual wellness exams for men an integral part of your healthy lifestyle. You are worth it.

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